Aaron Studer

DevOps Engineer

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Aaron Studer

The field of information technology is known for its dynamic nature, presenting thrilling opportunities. My current part-time position at Swisscom has enabled me to work with emerging technologies and establish a strong foundation for my future. As I aspire to become a data science expert, I have enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science in Data Science program at FHNW in Switzerland.

Graduation from this program will bring me closer to my ultimate objective of working as a consultant with a specialization in machine learning. In my leisure time, I invest in self-education through books and online courses to expand my knowledge and enhance my abilities.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal life, I devote my remaining free time to activities such as bouldering, spikeball, handball and the management of some events in my handball club.


Swisscom AG Switzerland

DevOps Engineer

Diligent iterations have enabled proficiency in various new technologies. Significant experience has been gained while working extensively with Apache Nifi and Apache Kafka. Tasks have included decoding data, categorizing it, and enriching relevant topics, performing aggregations as per request with Spark, and subsequently enhancing data using KSQL. Additionally, partial responsibility for EBM real-time sourcing has been entrusted.

Swisscom AG Switzerland

Junior DevOps Engineer

The completion of the apprenticeship paved the way for attaining proficiency as a DevOps Engineer within the SAFe agile architecture. The role included contributing towards the development of a new project landscape utilizing .Net and React. Continued oversight of the Callback Data Record Sourcing responsibilities was also part of the role, with a focus on further enhancing skills in database structuring, modeling, and querying.

Swisscom AG Switzerland

Apprentice - Application Engineering

The apprenticeship at Swisscom offered the opportunity to gain insights into various jobs and projects. The initial focus was on building proficiency in Sharepoint and basic FrontEnd development. Thereafter, an assignment to a full English-speaking team involved a shift to JavaScript-based app development. The third year was dedicated to performance management, and the team contributed to the development of an application for the Swiss network.


University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Sept 2022 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The fundamentals and implementation of analysis and linear algebra in combination with ML algorithms have been studied thus far. Basic programming with R (tidyverse) and Python (Pandas, Numpy) has also been studied. Research design and structuring for SQL, Non-SQL, and Timeseries databases have been explored. These skills were put to the test in a project involving customer data for a Czech Bank.

Vocational Qualification GIB Bern

August 2019 - August 2021

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

While enabling myself to further my education, I have obtained a broad knowledge of mathematics, English, French, history, and natural sciences.


Skill Development

My skills assessment has highlighted areas for development

1. Communication Skills:

These include active listening, conflict resolution, business presentation, and assertive communication. I plan to enhance these abilities to foster better understanding and effective expression.

2. Customer Focus:

To improve customer satisfaction, complaint resolution, and support for colleagues delivering excellence, I will prioritize customer needs, a professional approach, and reliability.

3. Managing Others:

I aim to develop effective leadership, performance management, disciplinary skills, and team-building to foster a productive and harmonious work environment.

4. Influence and Persuasion:

Strengthening my ability to persuade, use positive body language, handle disagreements gracefully, and negotiate win-win outcomes will help me navigate interpersonal interactions more effectively.

5. Commercial Awareness

Gaining a deeper understanding of the business environment, economic impact, articulating contributions to success, and understanding our competitive advantage will make me more valuable in a commercial setting.

I'm committed to growing in these areas through training, practice, and self-assessment to become a more versatile and accomplished professional.

My Application as Junior Consultant Data & AI

I am excited to apply for the data and analytics consultant position, which aligns well with my career goal of becoming a data science expert. My technical background, including experience as a Dev Ops Engineer, has equipped me with skills in performance monitoring, software development, and managing datastreams with technologies like Apache NiFi, Kafka, Spark, and MariaDB. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Data Science part-time, which allows me to apply and adapt my knowledge to real-world projects.

My experience in software development, requirement gathering, and data transformation is highly transferable to this role. I am enthusiastic about learning consulting methods and deepening my understanding of data analytics and machine learning. If given the opportunity, I believe my professional demeanor and experience would be an asset to your team.

The position suits me well because it combines my technical expertise with my passion for data science. I am committed to contributing my skills and knowledge to deliver valuable insights and solutions to your organization. Please review my attached resume, and I am eager to discuss my qualifications further in a personal interview. Thank you for considering my application.

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